For decades, inventory served the purpose of absorbing interdependent system variation..

While manufacturing processes strived to produce at the highest rates of capacity utilization and process.  efficiency, the output frequently was desynchronized from the variations in demand. With the advent of Lean, inventory became a liability rather than an asset. However, low inventory requires one of two conditions to exist: Predictable demand without variation or extremely responsive and adaptable supply chains. The constant conflict between low cost through efficiency gains and high responsiveness through zero stock-out availability is distilled in the current assets of the balance sheet.

The level of current assets is the level of compromise between the need for efficiency and the need for effectiveness.

To reduce capital required for inventory as well as increasing responsiveness, we work with companies to utilize big data and decision support models to increase the level of efficiency while simultaneously increasing customer responsiveness. This rarely requires the replacement of existing data warehousing and business intelligence capability. It simply aligns data with different decision support requirements.

  • Neutralize the negative impact of traditional cost accounting practices which considers inventory as an asset.

  • Neutralize the negative impact of Lean on inventory strategy and responsiveness.

  • Understand the decision models used in each business system to determine the level and location of inventory.

  • Re-configure the data, logistics and decision models to generate more effective supply chain management through concurrent decision systems.

We work with companies to design and implement high-throughput supply chain decision models. We’d like to show you how…

What You Will Gain

What Your Company Will Gain

New perspective and competence in developing and implementing inventory management systems.

Significant cash released from better inventory management.

Significant contribution to your organization's long-term success by optimizing inventory in the supply chain for maximum reliability.

Sustainable growth by optimizing inventory as a strategic advantage to increase market share.

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