Market Segmentation

Have your products available, anywhere and at any time

Jeff’s core competency is having every product available on Amazon and have it delivered in one day anywhere in the world. The results speak for themselves. Jeff Bezos is now the wealthiest person on earth and Amazon one of the most valuable in the world. By setting a long-term goal to achieve this outcome, Bezos relentlessly focuses his senior management team’s actions and decisions.

WeatherTech is another example of a USA company that built a highly successful business on a mundane product – that of car mats. By owning the core capability to build perfect custom-fit car mats for every vehicle on the USA market, they have made it extremely difficult to compete with them.

Long-term growth is now determined by developing and protecting an unassailable core competency. This approach differs from the now-defunct product/market segmentation models in use over the past decades.

We work with our clients to determine the one core capability their company needs to own that would create an insurmountable constraint for their competitors. Markets are analyzed not by consumer attributes but by the core competency and the value it represents to a broad consumer base.

We utilize activity systems analysis to identify, exploit and monetize the most valuable core competency over the long term. An example of an analysis is shown below:

If you want to improve your company’s profitability by radically changing your market segmentation strategy…

What You Will Gain

What Your Company Will Gain

Powerful reputation and respect for delivering projects in less time and on due date.

Strategic advantage from rapid new product development and launch.

Superb skills, tools and competency to effectively deliver projects on time, in full and in the shortest time.

High-velocity development in software, big data and innovation ahead of competition.

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