With knowledge work taking on greater importance and risk in company strategy, the rapid and predictable execution of project work is becoming a core competency.

Projects have one defining feature which make or break project budgets: Project variability and execution risk. Traditional critical path and PERT-based approaches no longer meet the elevated performance requirements for rapid execution, dependable project completion commitments and predictable cost. Our work over the past 20 years with flow-based project execution tools versus capacity-based tools have proven 30% reduction in project duration and 97%+ on-time project completion performance.

Instead of focusing on the successful execution of individual tasks in a project, the focus is on early and frequent assessment of variation in task duration supported by active resource and priority allocation.

Rather than measuring each task, our approach, based on the pioneering work of Dr. Eli Goldratt, introduces the concept of buffer management.

Buffer management enables management to externalize, evaluate and act on task variation before the project due date is placed at risk. The concept is illustrated below:

The buffers are not contingency allowances but represent a window into the buffer consumption relative to the due date. Tracking buffer penetration over time enables management to see variation over time as shown below:

The same concept applies to managing a portfolio of projects which provides a single management view of all projects and their progress. The buffer chart below shows the status of all projects in the portfolio:

Our model of training, software and professional support helps successful companies deliver projects ahead of customer expectations in a reliable and predictable manner at lowest cost.

What You Will Gain

What Your Company Will Gain

Powerful reputation and respect for delivering projects in less time and on due date.

Strategic advantage from rapid new product development and launch.

Superb skills, tools and competency to effectively deliver projects on time, in full and in the shortest time.

High-velocity development in software, big data and innovation ahead of competition.

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