Increasing sales is the starting point for increasing profitability.

If you were to ask the executive team what they consider to be the biggest constraint to growth, they would more often than not single out the sales function. However, more careful analysis of the utilization of the sales organization inevitably show that the sales team is not spending their time on the most important task: face-to-face interaction with the economic buyer of your company’s products or services.

In most cases, they spend less than 10% of their time in face-to-face interaction. This is validated in the research results shown below:

By doubling that time to 20%, the company effectively doubles the size of its sales force. Without fail, the sales volume increases commensurate with better utilization of the very valuable and scarce sales capacity.

Our approach to managing the sales organization frequently exceeds more than 400% increase in sales capacity without hiring any additional resources. To achieve this level of performance, the sales system should be restructured to insure the sales organization is laser-focused, measured and rewarded for maximizing the amount of “face-to-face sales time.” We have proven sales throughput management software and training programs available to enable you quadruple sales.

What You Will Gain

What Your Company Will Gain

Delivering a highly effective sales organization, with 400% sales increase potential.

Significant increase in sales revenue without commensurate increase in sales expense.

Demonstrated ability to deliver a well-structured sales organization backed by high-throughput sales systems.

Highly motivated and focused sales force delivering significantly greater sales revenue.

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