Team Work

The second largest item that companies spend training money on is teamwork.

Dysfunctional teams destroy performance and morale while consuming significant amounts of managerial time and attention. Most teamwork interventions assume that self-knowledge from models like DISC and Myers-Briggs will help the individual better understand, adapt and integrate with others. The fundamental assumption that the individual is able to moderate his or her hard-wired behavioral traits is invalid.

Our experience with hundreds of management teams proved that people are what they are. The most effective working assumption is that team members should compensate for and adapt to one another’s strengths and weaknesses. We have deployed trait-based team assessment tools and measures to determine the ideal composition of high-performance teams. The results are:

  • High levels of cohesion

  • Deep understanding of each members best way to contribute to the team’s success

  • Clear insight provided to the team leader of the potential for success of the team as a cohesive entity versus each member’s profile

  • Ability to perfectly balance strengths and weaknesses among all team members

We base our team training and measurement on the work of Dr. Meredith Belbin, late of Cambridge University in the UK. Derived from one of the largest team research projects ever undertaken, the model delivers powerful and effective managerial tools.

If you desire to significantly increase team effectiveness in your organization, we invite you to learn more about our approach.

What You Will Gain

What Your Company Will Gain

Exceptional capability and skill to build high performance teams.

Significant gain in corporate performance from well-aligned and focused teamwork.

Increased respect and demand to be part of your high-performance business team.

Marked lower labor turnover from a more cohesive, integrated and motivated workforce.

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